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The majority of the commercial ad links on AltaVista is provided by Overture, although AltaVista itself provides a part of the links. Manual monitoring of the ad links on AltaVista is connected with certain difficulties due to their placement principles.

AltaVista advertisingAltaVista's placement principles for the ad links are as follows:

    1. The AltaVista's ad link (if it's available) goes first. It is always displayed on the top of everything else.
    2. Following are 3 or 4 ad links on the top of the page prior to search results.
    3. One more ad link is placed below search results.
    4. On the second search results page, the very top ad link does not appear. The rest of the links are shifted one position up, and a new ad link appears at the bottom, below search results.
    5. This process continues up to the 4th page. The 5th page by the principles of ad links placement is the same as the first one.

Search Engines Monitor optimizes the ad link search process with AltaVista by gathering all the links into one convenient table.

Here is what AltaVista says on its commercial ads system:
"Sponsored Matches are search results provided by paying advertisers. Most Sponsored Matches are provided by Overture, Inc., which generates highly relevant search results by allowing advertisers to bid for placement order based on specific search keywords. Overture is a leading provider of pay-for-performance search. Some Sponsored Matches are from advertisers working directly with AltaVista and may be in the form of an enhanced search function to find hotels, airline flights or other consumer services. An AltaVista editor reviews these results to ensure they are relevant to your search. Sponsored Adult Matches and Sponsored Gambling Matches are provided by paying advertisers."

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