Built-in notebook


It becomes necessary in many cases to make records on the changes made on the site and the effect the changes have brought. Search Engines Monitor provides a convenient capability for making such records within the program. You would need to enter a comment and select a topic (or enter your own) for the record to be appended to the log. The date for the record will be imprinted automatically.

Available topics list:
Common search engines stats (Common stats)
Google Data Centers (Google data centers)
Google International (International Google sites)
Google PageRank (Google PageRank)
Google Descriptions (Google Descriptions)
Google AdWords (Google AdWords)
AltaVista advertising (AltaVista advertising)
Overture table (Overture)
Inbound links (Inbound links)
Site indexation (Site indexation)

You can also find some useful information in the web ranking reports section.

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