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Overture analyzing

Overture provides data on the keyword cost. Search Engines Monitor provides capabilities for presenting that data as a convenient table (URL/Title/Price)

Here is what Overture says on its commercial ads system:
Overture is a global leader in commercial search services on the Internet, providing new and more powerful ways for businesses and customers to connect online. Overture pioneered commercial search by aligning the interests of consumers, its 95,000 active, paying advertisers and its distribution partners, including Yahoo!, MSN and CNN. The company offers a full suite of Internet search products and search-related services. In addition, the company operates the AltaVista.com and AlltheWeb.com Web sites.

With Overture, you bid for placement in search listings and set the price you're willing to pay for each sales lead. Unlike direct mail, you won't have to pay for mailing lists, printing or postage, and you won't pay for impressions as with banner ads and tiles. You pay only for the sales leads that actually click through to your site.

More information on advertising on Overture can be found on www.overture.com

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