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position ranking softwareSearch Engines Monitor is a powerful search engine optimization and web promotion tool that saves your time and lets you to improve your web site rankings. Its main features include:
      - Semonitor can check your web ranking in all major search engines (web position feature)
      - Semonitor provides several types of web ranking reports. You can easily create your own web ranking reports with our tool. Read more about web ranking reports
      - Unlimited number of search phrases and URLs can be ranked
      - Includes Inbound Links analyzing tool
      - Includes Site Indexation tool
      - All results are stored and can be used in the future
      - Check your web rankings in all Google data centers (60+) and test domains
      - Check your web rankings in international Google sites
      - Check Google PageRank for the specific list of URLs
      - Saves and analyse the descriptions displayed by Google
      - Acquire the advertisment statistics on Google AdWords
      - Includes Log Analyzer
The detailed description is provided bellow:
    Web position softwareSemonitor can check your web rankings in 10 major search engines (Google, AltaVista, Yahoo, MSN Search, AllTheWeb, Lycos, HotBot, Overture, DMOZ, AskJeeves)

    Web ranking reportsSemonitor provides several types of web ranking reports (Position ranking report, Google PageRank report, Inbound links report, Site indexation report and others). All available web ranking reports are described in our web ranking reports section

    Phrases and keywordsUnlimited number of search phrases and URLs can be ranked. Unlimited search depth. The majority of the web position software offers two search modes: "One URL - Several phrases" and "One phrase - several URLs". Semonitor allows you to perform search just once and then view the results in one of the described modes. This saves your time and makes search analysis more transparent.

    Detailed web ranking reportsThe most detailed web ranking reports. For instance, if your site's pages are on the 5th, 15th and 55th positions for a certain keyword, you will be able to see that information and as well find out which pages exactly has the search engine indexed for your site. There is also a simple search option available; where just the top results are displayed.

    web site rankingsAll results are kept and can be used for optimization process in the future. For each search engine you will see how your site's positions (web rankings) changed in the course of time.

    HTML, ExcelAll results can be converted into HTML reports, exported into Excel or printed out.

    Google AnalyzingAdvanced Google analysis. You can check your web site rankings not only in the listed above search engines, but as well in Google DataCenters and Google test domains www2 and www3. With this feature you can predict the changes in your Google positions. Semonitor can check your web rankings in all google data centers and google test domains www2 and www3. More info on google data centers and google dance

    Google InternationalSemonitor can check your web rankings in international Google sites (google.de - Germany, google.fr -France, google.ca - Canada, google.co.uk - United Kingdom and google.it - Italy.)

    Google PageRankGoogle PageRank. Semonitor, based on the found list of result URLs, can determine each page's PageRank and the number of backward links to it. This feature is very useful for overall competition analysis (You'll need to install the Google ToolBar to use this feature). While determining the sites' PageRank, Semonitor will automatically run/close Internet Explorer to extract the PageRank values. For the sites have been queried for the PageRank value the links for obtaining the value will be stored. Thus in the future, starting Internet Explorer for obtaining the current value of PageRank will not be necessary, and that will be only performed for the new sites, which haven't been queried yet.

    Backward links
      Important notice 1: The number of backward links is determined through use of the link: operator in Google. Usually, that number is significantly smaller than the real number of backward links. It is supposed that upon querying using this operator Google returns not all but just those links that participate in forming the PageRank value for your site.

    Google ToolBar
      Important notice 2: For searching PageRank, you should have the Google ToolBar with advanced features installed on your system.
      Read more about Google PageRank.

    Google descriptionsGoogle descriptions. A very important item for web page optimization is the description displayed by the search engine. If the description is fairly poor, the visitor will rather choose your competitor - even if you are positioned higher in the search results. Semonitor keeps the descriptions displayed by Google; therefore you will always be capable of reviewing changes in your pages' descriptions for the certain time period.
    Read more about Google Descriptions

    Google AdWordsIf you utilize the commercial capabilities of Google AdWords, AltaVista or Overture, Semonitor will let you acquire the statistics on displaying your keywords. See also Google AdWords, AltaVista advertising, and Overture Advertising

    Inbound linksInbound links. Semonitor finds inbound/backward links to your site in the 5 search engines. Redundant URLs are deleted, and a unified list of backward links is created. This feature is especially useful for its capability to keep the acquired links and monitor which of the inbound links to your site have come up in the Internet and which one have disappeared. This feature is very important for your web site PageRank analysis, and as well for creating a quality link strategy.
    Read more about inbound links and links popularity

    Site indexationWhen adding new pages to your web site, you must know whether the pages have been indexed by search engines or they require additional submit. Semonitor points out the pages of your site that are indexed by Google, AltaVista, MSN Search, AllTheWeb and Lycos Use this site indexation tool to reveal un-indexed pages.
    Read more about Site indexation tool.

    Log AnalyzerSemonitor includes internal Log Analyzing tool. It allows analyzing both the number of visitors coming from search engines and the keywords that they found your site by. The statistics is available both overall and by each search engine separately.

    NotesIt becomes necessary in many cases to make records on the changes made on the site and the effect the changes have brought. Search Engines Monitor provides a convenient capability for making such records within the program. You would need to enter a comment or select a topic (or enter your own) for the record to be appended to the log. The date for the record will be imprinted automatically.
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