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Semonitor - site indexation tool
Use our site indexation tool to find indexed and unindexed pages

Site indexation tool

Site indexation tool is intended for finding out the pages of your site that are present in one or another search engine's index. If your page is present in the index, it means the page is considered during searches. If the page is not in the index, it means the search engine doesn't know about that page. Use site indexation tool if you have a large site and the manual site indexation check becomes very difficult or even impossible. Using Semonitor site indexation tool you can complete this work in several minutes!

Site indexation tool is a built-in utility, you can use the site indexation independently of other Semonitor tools

With this site indexation tool you will be capable of finding the pages indexed by 5 main search engines. Our site indexation tool supports Google, AltaVista, MSN Search, AllTheWeb and Lycos.

Having that information handy, you will be capable of determining the un-indexed pages of your site, which will possibly require additional submitting.

Site indexation toolWhy a page may not appear in the search engine's index?

    1. It has never been submitted to this search engine.
    2. It has been too short period of time since the page was submitted. The search engine's index did not update yet.
    3. There are no inbound links to the page; therefore, the search engine couldn't find it (more information on inbound/backward links, links strategy and links popularity can be found in the Inbound links section).
    4. Inbound links to this page are present, but they are made through complicated scripts, therefore the search engine couldn't interpret them as inbound links to your site and thus place your page into the index.
Site indexation tool becomes especially handy when you have a large site (more than 100 pages), and the manual indexation check becomes impossible. Besides, it is very convenient when the structure of your site significantly changes; when many new un-indexed pages have come up, and the older, already indexed pages have moved to another location.
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